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  • Why might Longevity Protection / Long-Term Care insurance (LTCi) be right for you?

  • “Fact: Of all Americans age 65 or older, it is estimated that 70% of this group will need Long-Term care assistance.” Fact: There are three basic ways to pay for care. 

    I) Cash – personal savings or investments paying dollar-for-dollar 

    expenses II) Medicaid – available for certain qualified individuals III) Insurance – traditional or linked benefits Fact: DENIAL! This is the number one reason that potentially qualified individuals will put off purchasing or fail to purchase this type of insurance. 

    “This will never happen to me!”… Then sadly, as one gets older, they may rethink their decision and attempt to apply for this insurance, only to be declined as they no longer qualify! Let’s compare the two options to pay – Cash VS. Long-Term Care For Longevity Planning Insurance (LTCi):

    Contact: Allen Kocsis (If you might qualify for Medicaid, then these plans would not be appropriate for you.) 

    We take pride in putting you first! Here are some reasons to consider longevity protection: 

    a) As a rule, you get more for your dollar spent with insurance, either in the form of Long-Term care benefits or in the form of life insurance, as compared to paying cash, dollar-for-dollar, for these same services.

    b) The increase in account value is generally not taxable, when it very well might be in a cash account. 

    c) If you have money set aside that is connected to the market, it may or may not be there at the time that you might need it because of market fluctuations.

    Take advantage of our free no obligation appointment to see if there is a plan that is right for you, or contact us to receive a free copy of the “Buyers Guide to: Long-Term Care Insurance.” 

    Don’t you owe it to yourself to learn more, so you can make an educated decision?

    Planning now is your best option! 

    Kim Skala, Agency Owner